• Hi, I'm Seta. I love hand lettering and I believe Greek letters are cool and unique. I design products with my own lettering, called Setaprint.

  • Lettering is the craft of drawing letters. It’s not a font that you can buy somewhere and type your text with. It’s more like an illustration with the shape of letters, that forms words and text. It’s the art of combining letter shapes, colors and composition to tell a story and send a message. The result is unique and custom. It starts with ideas in rough sketches, continues with inking for the refined sketches. Color and texture is added for the finished artwork . 

  • As a young girl, I first used the name Setaprint as my logo on my very own greeting cards I was creating for my family and friends. I studied graphic design in Athens and London and worked as an art director in Saatchi & Saatchi, as well as a freelancer. My true passion for lettering won me over and I decided to learn new skills with hand-lettering courses. Since then, all things letters make me happy: Greek and English, old and new, vintage and modern, extra bold or super condensed. Recently, I decided to launch my own line of products. The Setaprint products include: tote bags, t-shirts, aprons, mobile cases, art prints and stickers (with more coming soon), all printed with my own lettering designs. You can choose from the selection in the e-shop. All products are designed in Athens with love❤︎.